‘Ken Lim dissed your songwriting’: Woman accusing Ken Lim of making indecent remarks had been upset at his criticism

'Ken Lim dissed your songwriting': Woman accusing Ken Lim of making indecent remarks had been upset at his criticism


On Friday afternoon, the defendant’s father testified that his daughter had informed him of the affair. &nbsp,

During the lawyer’s assessment of him, the accused person said,” The alleged victim met with Ken Lim and there was some discussion about sexual matters, and she was really upset about it. She later came home and told us at the dinner table, that was about it.” &nbsp,

The man, who was pressed for clarification, claimed he could not understand Lim’s exact words but that his daughter was “very unhappy” when she spoke to him and his wife.

According to Mr. Loy’s cross-examination, the alleged victim was given a personal introduction to Lim through a companion. &nbsp,

The defense then claimed that this close pal had not been informed of the alleged sexual remarks. &nbsp,

According to Mr. Loy, the community previously discussed the situation with the close companion because it never occurred. &nbsp,

The truth is that the alleged victim always claimed that Mr. Lim had spoken to her about having sex with her right now, or any other similar expressions, suggesting that you never brought the matter up with the family friend. &nbsp,

Disagreeing, the father said:” I did not tell him because we are good friends, we do n’t want to upset anybody” .&nbsp,

The alleged target finally received a letter from Mr. Loy letting him know that he had spoken with her about her song and music career and that she did not have what it takes to be a song.

The father replied:” I mean that’s your opinion” .&nbsp,

” It is indeed my case… you see, ( the woman ) has told us that Mr Lim had criticised her music, her lyrics and her singing at the meeting”, Mr Loy replied.

” So I’m putting it to you that ( the woman ) felt offended after the meeting because Mr. Lim had criticized her singing, lyrics, and music.”

The testimony disagreed. &nbsp,

The defense then requested that the family’s legitimacy be disproven, and the testimony was allowed to cross-examine the testimony about material contradictions between his testimony, a police statement he made in August of last year, and the alleged victim’s testimony. &nbsp,

Information like where and with whom the girl had spoken include information about the alleged incident.

If the court decides not to depend on his evidence when making a decision on its ruling, the court may choose to ignore his testimony. &nbsp,

The alleged defendant’s father’s evidence being delivered at the conclusion of the first stage of the test. The date for the following batch is July.