Kangaroo flees Chiang Mai Zoo

Kangaroo flees Chiang Mai Zoo

Zoo workers fear for individual’s safety, ask local people to report any observations

Kangaroo flees Chiang Mai Zoo
On Wednesday, a prodigal kangaroo was spotted hopping up on the way to Doi Suthep. ( Photo supplied )

Lee MAI: On Wednesday morning, the Chiang Mai Zoo staff are searching for a feminine red kangaroo that misbehaved while its cage was being cleaned.

When the two-year-old kangaroo bolted at around 7.50am, according to chairman of the park, keepers were cleaning the box in the Asian zone and cooking a meal for it.

The bunny unavoidably jumped toward the cage’s entrance. The kangaroo fast hopped away through the park gate despite staff’s best efforts to stop it, he claimed.

The bunny appeared frightened as dogs barked as it made its way toward Doi Suthep on Huai Kaew Road before entering the area in front of the navy’s geological research station. Afterward, he claimed, officials discovered its footprints close to a neighborhood near Khun Chang Khian flow.

Local residents have been asked to report the kangaroo to the park control. Additionally, Zoo workers have searched for a helicopter to aid in the search.

Mr. Wuthichai added that he feared dogs could injure a large forest and that he did not want the kangaroo to achieve it.

There are currently 23 animals at the zoo, including 15 females and three female breeders.