“Joe Pattani” wanted over oil-smuggling case

'Joe Pattani' wanted over oil-smuggling case
The” Kamraingoen” vessel, which was modified and repainted, is being gathered by police and forensic science officers. One of the three oil-smuggling boats that was recovered and anchored at the Songkhla Port on June 17 was the fleet. ( Photo. Assawin Pakkawan )

A source told a source on Friday that the Central Investigation Bureau ( CIB ) will issue arrest warrants for two people who are suspected of being responsible for the oil-smuggling vessels that vanished this month from a police pier in Chon Buri.

The two suspects are” Joe Namman Thuen”, also known as” Joe Pattani”, and a man named Mr Lek whom the CIB believe to be his manager. When the 28 members of the vessel’s staff were detained in the middle of March, Mr. Lek set up the 3 million ringgit loan.

The CIB may request that Interpol problem red notices to the two main defendants because they are believed to possess fled abroad, the source added.

On June 11, 15 of the 28 team members jumped aboard the three warships and escaped to Cambodia from the Sattahip in Chon Buri. The ships were laden with 330, 000 gallons of smuggled fuel.

Just eight crew were on board when the vessels and team were recaptured next Monday near the sea borders with Malaysia, and the majority of the diesel fuel had been sucked away.

The ships are believed to be owned by Joe Pattani’s system. After a recent Line talk between him and Joe, a marine police officer reportedly had an alias of” N” in his name.

The National Police Bureau’s Oil Smuggling Suppression Centre, according to Pol Gen Kraiboon Suadsong, chairman of the organization, on Thursday submitted a statement to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin.

The investigating team is currently looking for a sizable vehicle known as K9.

All three warships were apparently drained of the seized fuel while they were docked in Cambodia. Police believe the dispatch is still in Thailand’s coastal country.

Pol Maj Gen Jaroonkiat Pankaew, CIB assistant director, said the situation has been making headway.

The genius and the person who gave the orders to the crew to take the three seized vessels are being sought by police for additional information.

The committee had received a report about the involvement of a deputy superintendent-ranked marine officer whose Thai initials begin with Sor (” S” ) in the oil-smuggling network, according to Democratic MP Chaichana Detdecho, chairman of the House Committee on Police Affairs.