Japan to build anti-tourist fence at Mount Fuji viewpoint

Japan to build anti-tourist fence at Mount Fuji viewpoint

Authorities have already put up small metallic scaffolding and signs warning people to stay away from the extend of tarmac to deter this difficult behavior.

Authorities claim that the area will be covered by a 1, 8m great metal mesh fence by the end of June.

Visitors “welcome visitors as long as standard guidelines are observed”, Yoshizaki said. The shift aims to lessen “local people ‘ frustration.”

” Maybe we can create a traveling program” rather to motivate more considerate investigation, he added.

Because of the fact that it appears to lead to Mount Fuji from a specific angle, a motorist staircase to the gate also appears in many photos on Instagram and another systems, including wedding photographs.

Residents complained about visitors parking in the quiet neighborhood or shouting at one another when taking large shots from afar.

The Dream Bridge has been in operation for around ten years, but Yoshizaki said that in November, photo-hungry tourists started flocking it.

As pictures taken on the spot spread on social media and as record numbers of foreign tourists travel to Japan, the population has increased significantly in recent months.

To lessen the strain on locals, the area set up a parking lot and a restroom center at the bridge this week.

However, the local community of Fujikawaguchiko plans to construct a black grid challenge, already in place next to the pleasure store, with stronger material.

There have been several tiny holes poked in the screen to prevent citizens from littering, breaking traffic laws, and trespassing.