Japan congratulates Modi’s alliance on India election win

Japan congratulates Modi's alliance on India election win

TOKYO: &nbsp, Japan on Wednesday ( Jan 5 ) congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling alliance on their victory in India’s general election, calling the country an “important partner”.

Major government official Yoshimasa Hayashi told investigators,” We congratulate the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Modi on their declaration of victory.

” India is an important companion for the realisation of a free and open Indo- Pacific, and we will proceed to develop the Japan- India relationship”, he said.

Modi’s triumph was predicted by critics and leave elections, but his Hindu nationalist group lost its parliamentary majority for the first time in a century.

Modi, after a leper, has been courted by the United States and Western countries as a counterweight to China, despite warnings by right protesters about rising dictatorship.

Japan and India both belong to the so-called” Triple” group, which even includes the United States and Australia.

Despite India never being a part of the union, the Indian prime minister even attended the G7 summit in Hiroshima next year.