Inside Chantalle Ng and Lin Meijiao’s recently renovated one-storey black-and-white conservation house

Inside Chantalle Ng and Lin Meijiao's recently renovated one-storey black-and-white conservation house

Believe it or not, Chantalle Ng, 28, has always slept with her mum, veteran actress Lin Meijiao, 60.

The pair, who are very close, enjoy chatting before bed so despite having her own bedroom, Chantalle prefers bunking in with mum.

But with her increasingly busy work schedule and irregular hours, she decided it would be more conducive to have her own space.

Last year, she renovated her bedroom, along with some parts of their abode, and finally moved in.

Chantalle and Meijiao have been living in a rented one-storey black-and-white conservation house for the past decade.

The semi-detached house, which Chantalle reckons is at least 100 years old, consists of a living room, kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms and a separate bathroom and toilet. A third room Chantalle’s walk-in wardrobe was recently added by converting part of the backyard.

The mother-daughter duo foresee themselves living here for at least another five years, so Chantalle didn’t mind splurging a little on the revamp. Renovations, which were partially sponsored, cost S$25,000 and took less than a month.

As this is a conservation house, she had to get approval from the authorities before starting reno works. Modifications to the exterior are not allowed, though Chantalle claims they are “pretty chill when it comes to the backyard”. They also tried to minimise built-in as the house must be reinstated to its original state at the end of the tenancy period.