India’s Modi to present coalition deal to president

India's Modi to present coalition deal to president

According to American media reports, Modi was good to take the oath of office on Sunday.

Local officials have pledged to attend the ceremony, including Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Bangladeshi Sheikh Hasina.

Modi reaffirmed on Tuesday that his mission would remain as a result of the election results.

After winning, Modi told a crowd of enthralling supporters in the capital, New Delhi,” Our third name will be one of major decisions and the nation will start a new chapter of advancement.”

Observers and exit polls had predicted a landslide victory for Modi, who was accused of leading the execution of opposition figures and violating the rights of India’s 200 million plus Arab community.

But the BJP secured 240 seats in parliament, also down from the 303 it won five years ago and 32 small of a lot on its own.