‘I gambled my life as much as he gambled his’: Teen in SLE bike chase that killed LTA officer charged

'I gambled my life as much as he gambled his': Teen in SLE bike chase that killed LTA officer charged

SINGAPORE: An 18- year- old who was in a motorcycle chase along Seletar Expressway ( SLE ) &nbsp, that killed a Land Transport Authority ( LTA ) officer was charged in court on Thursday ( Jun 6 ).

When asked if he had something to say, the teen responded,” I gambled his career just as he gambled his.” So the dying… I&nbsp, may be one of the leading factors to the death, but I am not to be blamed”.

He was charged with six traffic, medication, and weapon offenses, five of which reportedly occurred on Jun 4, according to the prosecutors.

The girl reportedly had a Samurai weapon at Block 502A Woodlands Drive 14 on Tuesday.

He is also accused of riding a bicycle along the SLE without a license or plan and failing to stop when told to do so by LTA official Mr. Zdulfika Ahakasah the same day.

The teenager cut across the crescent marking on the road gate and across two lanes from the highway back near the Tampines Expressway return, according to his cost of dangerous driving. &nbsp,

The young allegedly fled Mr. Zdulfika on Tuesday night when he was involved in an accident involving two lorries and a vehicle.

Mr. Zdulfika passed away in a clinic.

The child’s earliest alleged offense was consuming mdma on August 7, 2023.

He may be identified because he allegedly took heroin when he was 17 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 when the crime occurred cannot been identified under the Children and Young Peoples Act.

He showed up in court on Thursday via video link from his position of retention. A person in the open gallery began sobbing right away after he left, and she did not stop until he left.

The prosecutors requested two weeks of delay to finish the investigation into potential additional charges for medication, traffic, and cheating.

The girl has been “on the run,” according to the attorney, who requested no bail been set.

The accused fled in October 2023 before being dispatched to a community rehabilitation facility, according to the prosecutor, adding that” the police gazette has been enforced by CNB ( Central Narcotics Bureau ).”

” In addition to that, it is also because of the weight of the crime, your glory. The pursuing officer’s death has been brought on by the cost of harmful moving.

The girl was not released on bail, and he will go back to court in two weeks.