Hunger striking Thai rights activist dies in detention

Hunger striking Thai rights activist dies in detention

She refused “minerals and supplements” given by the hospital, the statement said.

” She had a cardiac arrest on Tuesday night and was n’t adaptable to the treatment, which led her to death calmly at 11.22am”, the statement said.

The doctor will perform an examination to determine the death’s cause, it added.

The Southeast Asian regional branch of the UN Human Rights Office ( OHCHR ) said it was “deeply disturbed” by Netiporn’s death.

” We call for open &amp, independent research into her death &amp, treatment. Freedom of expression &amp, calm council are important right”, the department wrote on X, previously Online.

There are at least two democratic detainees in Thailand, according to the Human Rights Lawyer Association, who went on a hunger strike.

Two Thai poverty strikers who were held under royal attack law were granted temporary release in 2023 due to health concerns.