House passes bill to abolish coup regime orders

House passes bill to abolish coup regime orders
Members took part in a three-day discussion on the budget proposal next month. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

A bill passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday that would end coup-makers ‘ orders that were perceived as restricting public participation in managing the restive South.

The now-defunct National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO ) issued” 14th/2016 NCPO” orders in April 2016 and effectively caused the Southern Border Administration Act to be partially invalid.

The advisory committee on Southern Border Administration and Development, which consists of individuals representing inhabitants of the far South, is being impacted by the NCPO’s purchases.

Additionally, the orders grant the Internal Security Operation Command the power to control the civilian-run Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre ( SBPAC ).

The bill, which was introduced to reviving the expert government, received its first studying in the House at the beginning of this year. A council in the House headed by Pheu Thai list-MP Chaturon Chaisang was established to review the legislation.

The bill was amended by the House committee, which included a condition that the advisory committee become established within the first 120 days of its effective date.

The House voted 406: 0 yesterday to pass the bill that will be submitted to the Senate for consideration following broad discussion. &nbsp,

Mr. Chaturon claimed that the advisory committee promoted greater public involvement in the negotiation process and that it was a crucial tool in resolving the issue.