‘Host family’ plan to improve elderly care

‘Host family’ plan to improve elderly care

Financial assistance is available for those who want to assist seniors in want.

‘Host family’ plan to improve elderly care
Two women weave wicker for chairs and tables in Tha Luang village in the Phimai area of Nakhon Ratchasima to make extra money. The bamboo group includes many elderly residents of the village. ( Photo: Prasit Tangprasert )

According to secretary Varawut Silpa-archa, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security announced yesterday that it would launch a “host home” program next month that will provide monetary assistance to those who care for the poor old friends and family.

He claimed that the program aims to help elderly who need caregivers for their elderly. In exchange for 3,000 baht per month, which the host families will be eligible to receive for the rest of their guests ‘ lives, they must be able to provide good attention.

Software will be available in May for people who want to take care of older relatives but have limited funds.

With a 2,000 baht per old person’s monthly budget, we will provide for each host family. The price may be 3,000 ringgit a fortnight if any crisis spending is required,” Mr Varawut said.

1,107 individuals will receive funding from the Budget Bureau this time, and additional funds are anticipated to be made available next year.

This program will help people whose children need to care for their parents who do not have enough money or who need to leave their jobs to care for them, said Mr. Varawut.

Any Thai regional aged 18 or above you use to be a caretaker, said deputy state official Karom Polpornklang. One student may sign up to care for more than one old person.

Applications must be made in the same neighborhood as their possible long-term residents, and the old person’s family must give their consent.

Applications can be made to the ministry’s municipal offices for those living outside Bangkok or to the Department of Older People or the Ban Bang Khae Social Welfare Development Centre for Citizens.