Honest cabbie returns B52,000 dropped by Chinese passenger

Honest cabbie returns B52,000 dropped by Chinese passenger
At FM 91 visitors television station on Tuesday, taxi drivers Montree Sae Tang returns 52, 000 baht in cash to Ms Yang, a Taiwanese rider who left the money in his cab in Bangkok. The train control saw the return of the funds. ( Facebook Traffic Pro FM 91 Photo )

A Foreign woman passenger had left his car on Sunday, and a Bangkok taxi returned on Tuesday with 52, 000 ringgit that were scattered across the back seat.

In front of staff and management, Montree & nbsp, Sae Tang, handed the cash back to the woman at FM 91 traffic radio station, who was only identified as Ms Yang. & nbsp,

On Sunday, he picked up the woman in the Prachachart Bamphen neighborhood and drove her to a resort on Soi Sukhumvit 22. Later, another customer flagged him down and informed him that there were banknotes strewn across the back seat of his taxi. Files weren’t present. & nbsp,

Up, he and the customer counted and placed the cash in a paper bag. There were 52 000 ringgit. When the customer called the hotel where the lady had exited, she was informed that no one had reported losing the money.

Mr. Montree called FM91 radio station and asked them to assist him in finding the lady. He then took the money it.

The hotel was contacted by the tv station, and the two of them looked at security camera footage that showed the Chinese woman getting out of the car. After speaking with Thong Lor police station, the radio station was informed that the girl had lodged a problem there.

When Mr. Montree saw the money left in his cab, he was frightened but had never considered keeping it.

Ms. Yang expressed her gratitude to Mr. Montree and praised his work to track her down and return the money. She claimed that she frequently traveled to Thailand and was impressed by the cab driver’s integrity.