Holes poked in Mount Fuji barrier, Japan town says

Holes poked in Mount Fuji barrier, Japan town says

The town plans to use QR codes to introduce the town’s other tourist attractions, including other locations for Mount Fuji photos, next to a picturesque volcanic lake.

The area may remove the screen when the location in front of the convenience keep becomes less famous online, according to the standard.

Record amounts of foreign tourists are visiting Japan, with regular customers exceeding three million for the first time in March and then again in April.

However, the flood has not been widely viewed as in other holiday hotspots, such as Venice, which recently introduced a test of access fees for time visitors.

In Japan’s ancient money of Kyoto, citizens have complained of visitors harassing the city’s famous woman.

And hikers using the most popular way to climb Mount Fuji this summer will be charged 2, 000 yen ( US$ 13 ) each plus an optional 1, 000 yen contribution, with comments capped at 4, 000 to ease congestion.