Groomsman gets jail, caning for sexually assaulting the bride on wedding night

Groomsman gets jail, caning for sexually assaulting the bride on wedding night

SINGAPORE: A groomsman who else molested and sexually assaulted the bride in a hotel suite on the wedding ceremony night was upon Monday (Sep 19) sentenced to seven years and six strokes of the cane.

The particular 42-year-old man, exactly who cannot be named as a result of gag order avoiding the publication of anything that could recognize the victim or the accused, was convicted in May of one count each of sexual attack and molestation.

The couple, who also dated for 11 years, has considering that divorced. They had married on an undisclosed date in 2016 and held a wedding banquet.

The culprit was one of the groomsmen, who were invited to the bridal package after the banquet for an after-party.

The particular couple and their own wedding party continued to drink alcohol in the package, but the bride sensed tired at about 1am and went to the bedroom to shower and change.

She remembered closing the sliding door that separated the bedroom from the living room but did not secure it.  

At about 3am, everybody left the room except the offender, who have had fallen sleeping on a sofa within the living room. The groom was asleep upon another sofa within the same room.

The bride has been woken at about 6am by someone touching her and physically assaulting her. The girl thought it was her husband and asked him to take a shower, but there was no response.  

When the coming in contact with continued, the bride-to-be turned to look at the person but could not see him properly as the space was very dark. However , she noticed that the person’s face was much larger and rounder compared to her husband’s plus knew that it was not him.

The girl asked him “who are you? ” but he did not react. Feeling scared, the lady left the bed and looked for her hubby, who was asleep in his wedding suit to the sofa outside. The girl later saw how the person touching the girl was the offender, and lodged a police report with her then-husband.

The offender denied the charges, claiming which he thought he had been asleep at home plus was touching their wife.

However , the judge found that the offender’s spouse did not usually enable him with to sleep in bed with him if he returned home right after drinking and failed to take a shower.  

In sentencing, District Judge Victor Yeo noted that there was “a particular level of deception” in the molestation charge as the victim was underneath the impression that the offender was her spouse.

The man intends to appeal.