Govt rules out foul play in ministry building fire

Govt rules out foul play in ministry building fire

denied involvement in the fraud event in Sri Lanka

Govt rules out foul play in ministry building fire
Following a fire that destroyed several rooms on Saturday, criminal police on Sunday gathered data on the next floor of an old tower at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. ( Photos provided )

As the state ruled out social foul play, investigative authorities on Sunday looked at a four-story tower at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in Bangkok where fire broke out the day before, damaging some areas.

The tower on Ratchadamnoen Avenue in the Phra Nakhon city was destroyed by fire on Saturday night, and Pol Lt Gen Trairong Phiwpan, commander of the Police Forensic Science Office, led a team of investigative specialists to gather information and determine the cause.

Important documents, particularly those related to the research into the blackmail gang&nbsp, allegedly led by sequential anti-corruption plaintiff Srisuwan Janya, may have been lost or damaged in the fire, but Agriculture Minister Thamanat Prompow downplayed these worries. &nbsp,

He added that if that were the case, he would have received a tip-off and that the documents in question were not in the consultant’s area and the event had nothing to do with social wrongdoing. &nbsp,

According to Mr. Chaiya, after inspecting the harm in his office, he was able to confirm that the fire had not destroyed any documents related to continued corruption investigations. In addition to &nbsp,

According to Pol Lt Gen Trairong, the fire began in the second-floor house and totally destroyed it. The business of Chaiya Promma, the deputy agriculture and cooperatives minister, as well as a toilet, ceiling, and meeting room, all immediately caught fire.

The damage’s price is not yet known.

Around 6 p.m. on Saturday, the house’s security guard noticed smoke billowing out of the kitchen windows and alerted the rescuers, who took about 20 minutes to put out the fire. There was a termite exterminator in the building, but both claimed they had n’t gone into the kitchen.

In an effort to quickly determine the cause of the fire and report results to police authorities, Pol Lt Gen Trairong said he joined investigative authorities to check the image.

At the image of the fire, firefighters are hard at work.