Govt looks to address high levels of domestic abuse

Govt looks to address high levels of domestic abuse

Govt looks to address high levels of domestic abuse
Minister of Social Development and Human Security, Varawut Silpa-Archa.

Varawut Silpa-archa, the minister of social development and human security, is working to reduce domestic violence, which accounts for about 70 % of all violent incidents reported in recent months.

Following a meeting between senior ministry officials, Mr. Varawut stated on Monday that the Human Security Emergency Management Center has been working harder to ensure the well-being of people with home issues and to establish a 24/7 fast deployment task force to assist people across the country.

In its April and May record, he also outlined a number of significant results made by the Human Security Emergency Management Centre.

According to him, the poll targeted 6, 655 people receiving state aid.

The main issues these people frequently encountered included inadequate income, bad domestic relationships, and violence, he claimed.

In April and May, according to the findings, 410 people were killed in full, 281 of which were victims of domestic crime.

Of the survivors, 302 were feminine, 108 were female, and 223 were babies, said Mr Varawut.

Most of the elderly and children were actually assaulted within the home, with the majority of the time occurring within the home.

According to Mr. Varawut, this demonstrated that the relationship dynamics in families are becoming more brittle and that the government needed to take action more to combat domestic violence.