Girl allegedly suffered sexual abuse from her 4 brothers; first brother pleads guilty

Girl allegedly suffered sexual abuse from her 4 brothers; first brother pleads guilty

SINGAPORE: A woman reportedly experienced physical abuse at the hands of her four biological boys over the course of about four times, starting when she was eight.

On Monday ( Feb 5 ), one of the brothers admitted guilt to his role. He admitted to one fee of aggravated sexual abuse, and seven additional charges were taken into account.

To protect the identity of the victim, the 20-year-old gentleman, who was 16 or 17 when he sexually assaulted his sister, cannot get identified.

The victim, who is now 14 years old, had four brothers and two sisters, according to the judge. She is the oldest of her daughters.

In their three-bedroom family household, all seven of the kids shared a home with their families.

The women shared the “girls ‘ room,” while the kids stayed in a room that was referred to in court papers as the boy’s area.

The boys were not allowed to enter the girls ‘ room unless they were using the mirror there to comb their hair, according to the children’s parents.

The three women were also young while the four lads were adults, which was the justification for this guideline. The mother of the children would warn them not to stay inside whenever she noticed one of her sons in the girls ‘ room.

However, the offender would enter the girls ‘ room to play games, rest, or assault the victim sexually.

The second-youngest of the four boys is the criminal. His brothers range in age from 23 to 18, both.

Between 2018 and 2022, they allegedly committed the crimes against their girl when they were between the age of 13 and 21.


The perpetrator was the last nephew to misuse his sister sexually. According to court records, his three sons had now biologically assaulted the girl at least once before he started his crimes.

The offender was aware of the abuse his two older brothers had committed against his sister, but he made the decision to “keep quiet,” the judge was informed.

Other than the alleged abuse she endured at the hands of her brothers, the victim was never sexually active.

The victim was between the ages of 10 and 11 and in Key 5 in 2020, when the perpetrator was 16 to 17.

To” fulfill his sexual urges,” the boy made the decision to sexually assault the survivor. He had abduct her whenever he felt like it.

Even though he was aware that the girl did not agree to the sexual acts and would attempt to resist him, this occurred in the girls ‘ room no less than four times that year.

The offender went to the girls ‘ room on one occasion in 2020, where he was by himself with the victim.

He assaulted her biologically while lying down following to her. The lady made an effort to stay away from him and told him never to touch her.

However, the prosecution claimed that the lady “did not fight more as she already knew what was going to occur and was afraid” when her brother persisted.


The sufferer did not dare to tell people what happened during the times of alleged sexual abuse by her four sons.

According to the trial, she may feel stressed and depressed but do pretend to be happy by putting on a false smile.

In February 2022, she finally mustered the courage to inform her secondary institution of her brothers ‘ sexual abuse.

A police report was made after the class alerted the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

The target then experienced anxiety. When her sons mistreated her, she felt bad and blamed herself for never intervening.

She expressed her anxiety, worry, disturbed, and fear to a school counselor because she felt awful for reporting them.

In May 2022, she was seen by a physician at the Child Guidance Clinic and explained that she had been feeling depressed, perplexed, anxious, scared, and unhappy ever since the abuse and had kept thinking about it.

The sufferer may gain from counseling and a secure, encouraging setting, according to the psychiatrist.

The target underwent sexual assault testing at the KK Women and Children’s Hospital as well. According to the report, she was most likely on her first time at age 10, had no other sexual activity besides the rape, and was free of any sexually transmitted illnesses.

The perpetrator was taken into custody on February 11, 2022. He denied the sexual abuse when the policeman first confronted him.

He afterwards acknowledged doing so, though, at least twice.

IRB Law’s defense attorney Ashvin Hariharan requested that a statement on corrective training suitability be prepared for his client.

Instead, deputy public prosecution Muhamad Imaduddien, Lim Ying Min, and M. Kayal Pillay requested eight to nine years in prison and twelve wood stroke.

Sentence was postponed by the prosecutor until a later time.

The other three boys ‘ cases are still pending.