Gang-plagued campus to send new admissions elsewhere

Gang-plagued campus to send new admissions elsewhere
Gang-plagued campus to send new admissions elsewhere
On February 1, during events commemorating the university’s 90th celebration, police searched visitors for weapons at the Uthenthawai school in the Pathumwan area. Somchai Poomlard in the picture

First-year students can still enroll at Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok ( RMUTTO ) on the Uthenthawai campus despite the threat posed by gang rivalries with other schools, according to the minister for higher education.

However, until the bitter conflict with Pathumwan Institute of Technology ( PIT ) is resolved, they must continue their education at other campuses, according to Supamas Isarabhakdi.

The secretary stated that efforts were being made to put an end to the long-running conflict between the two higher education institutions based in Bangkok, which has resulted in numerous fatalities and further injuries.

Two Pond students were most recently attacked past Friday in front of their school. One of them suffered stab wounds and passed away as a result. A first-year scholar from the Uthenthawai school was shot in November and passed away in the Klong Toey neighborhood. &nbsp,

Ms. Supamas had hoped to meet with the dean of the Uthenthawai school this week, but he is now on a business trip abroad.

She claimed that a separate meet with the PIT dean had been scheduled for Wednesday evening to talk about potential solutions.

Regarding student enrollment to the Uthenthawai college, it can still accept first-year kids, but they must attend additional RMUTTO schools, such as Chanthaburi, Bang Phra in Chon Buri or&nbsp, and Chakrabongse Bhuvanarth in Bangkok,” Ms. Supamas said.

When asked if students wanted to move to the Uthenthawai school, Ms. Supamas replied that she would need to speak with the pastor first. In order to find a solution, she had collaborate with both current and former individuals, the police, and other organizations.

The Uthenthawai school was previously informed by the education secretary that no fresh students would be accepted for the 2024–2024 academic year.

To reduce the likelihood of conflict between the fighting gangs, there is a long-term plan to move the school from the Pathumwan area to Samut Prakan, but it has been shelved.

The campus is located on 20 acres that Chulalongkorn University leased for 68 times in 1935. In 2003, the rent ran out. Since 1975, Chulalongkorn University has been unsuccessfully negotiating for the transfer of the area.

The Treasury Department offered the Uthenthawai college access to 36 ray of property in the Bang Phli area of Samut Prakan in 2002, and the government provided 200 million ringgit in financing.

In order to leave by September 30, 2005, the Uthenthaiwai college and Chulalongkorn University agreed to relocate to the Bang Phli page in November of that same year. It was halted by criticism from individuals and came to nothing.