From homemakers to kingmakers: Battle to win over India’s women voters in the world’s biggest election

From homemakers to kingmakers: Battle to win over India's women voters in the world's biggest election


However, shocking incidents that reflect the government’s deep-rooted sexism frequently challenge the image of a better and more equal Indian society.

Several lawmakers have been charged with sexual assault across party lines.

In one event last month, India’s sexual Olympic wrestlers accused the subsequently- grappling federation president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, a BJP Member of Parliament, of sexual assault. However, they reportedly have deafened to their pleadings for activity. &nbsp,

While Mr. Modi was formally inaugurating the new parliament building in May, authorities detained the players. &nbsp,

Spectators said that in Indian elections, people problems seem to get less consideration than religion, church politics and minorities.

But Ms Vanathi Srinivasan, chairman of the BJP’s children’s aircraft, said Mr Modi has forced some shift and turned the focus to American females. &nbsp,

” After BJP came to power in 2014, every social gathering is very keen on attracting the people citizens”, she added.

” So the political events are gently focusing on the public of women,” he said. It is an ongoing approach”.

According to psephologist Yashwant Deshmukh, founder and director of the polling company Centre for Voting Opinion and Trends in Election Research, officials are “going all out” by “announcing one program after the other” to win female voters.

” Law and order, abuse, rape- all these are becoming big issues today”, he added.

” I think it is quite obvious that this is the biggest voting bank they need to handle,” according to the statement from the internet, “even though the issues that are directly related to the female vote are not being covered much.”