Forest clearing for Bayshore project: Nature experts call for green spaces to be prioritised in urban planning


Reactions among those living in the surrounding areas were mixed about the project. Residents enjoying a stroll at certain parts of the nearby Bedok Park Connector would likely face obstructed views, noise, and reduced air quality when work commences.

One resident, Ms Kate He, said: “It will definitely be noisier and have negative effects. It would be best if it stays untouched, and to maintain the status quo.”

However, some felt that developing the space would rejuvenate the estate and also drive their property prices higher.

“This place (will become) more vibrant. I think the value of the property will go up,” said resident Sebastian Lim.

The public will have until Nov 29 to share their views about the Bayshore project on HDB’s website.


An environmental impact report by the Housing Board predicted several “irreversible” ecological impacts arising from the Bayshore project’s construction and operational phases, including loss of habitat, injury or mortality to existing fauna, human-wildlife conflict and bird-building collisions.

However, most of these were classified as of “slight” to “minor” significance.