Forensic officer charged over Vorayuth speed data

Forensic officer charged over Vorayuth speed data

Forensic officer charged over Vorayuth speed data
Pol Col Thanasit: Inspected image

A former Office of the Attorney-General ( OAG ) senior prosecutor has filed a lawsuit against a former forensic officer who altered the record speed of the notorious hit-and-run case involving Red Bull scion Vorayuth” Boss” Yoovidhya in 2012.

On Tuesday, Chainarong Saengthong- han and his attorney Paisan Chuarphon filed a lawsuit against former Office of Police Forensic Science official Thanasit Taengchan, who afterwards reduced the car’s top speed from 177kph to 79kph.

Mr. Paisan claimed that Pol Col Thanasit incorrectly identified Mr. Chainarong as a member of a group of individuals who fabricated the evidence and edited the audio record, convincing the independent panel led by Vicha Mahakun, the Public Prosecutor’s ( PPC ), and the National Anti-Corruption Commission ( NACC), which had been looking into irregularities surrounding this infamous hit-and-run case that Mr. Chainarong took part in tampering with the

In December of last year, the PPC fired Mr. Chainarong.

When questioned why Mr. Chainarong brought the demand on Tuesday, Mr. Paisan claimed it took the legal team a while to gather all the facts before bringing the lawsuit against Pol Col Thanasit. Additionally, Mr. Chainarong may seem for additional proof to locate additional complices.

Mr. Vorayuth has been on the move since his Ferrari hit a Thong Lor police official on September 3, 2012.

After its one-year statute of limitations expired in 2013, the defendant was charged with failing to assist a fall victim, which expired in 2017. In addition, another cost of failing to assist a sufferer expired in 2017.

The only other offense against him is reckless driving that causes demise, which can result in a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and has a 15-year statute of limitations that may disappear in 2027.

The solicitor general indicted former federal police captain Somyot Poompanmoung and seven others, including Mr. Chainarong and Nate Naksuk, a former deputy attorney general, on February 27th, in connection with their alleged alleged attempts to white Mr. Vorayuth.

According to a cause, the prosecution was based on a proposal from the NACC, which handled the case in accordance with the function of the investigation committee under previous graftbuster Vicha.

In response to a common outcry over Mr. Nate’s decision to drop charges against Vorayuth, the panel was established by the original Prayut Chan- o dah administration in 2020.