“Foreigners only” casinos eyed

"Foreigners only" casinos eyed

The Haat Yai Project did halt Thai national access.

'Foreigners only' casinos eyed
Following the arrest of 300 gamblers in the Bang Yai city of Nonthaburi on March 19, a large casino in the area of Bang Yai was raided, containing about 50 million baht of gambling chips. ( Photo: Department of Provincial Administration )

In order to promote tourism, the state has been urged to start the first entertainment and game intricate on Thai ground in Hat Yai. Just foreigners were first permitted to enter the premises.

The suggestion was made by Sitthipong Sitthiphataraprabha, chairman of the Outfit Yai- Songkhla Hotels Association as he voiced help for the beginning of such a sophisticated, saying it may boost the economy.

” The advantage of Songkhla’s Helmet Yat area is that it is located near a adjacent country]Malaysia]. To ensure proper taxes are collected from legitimate casinos, unlawful online gambling should not be permitted to exist if a legitimate casino is opened.

” But, measures should be devised to manage the complex to avoid any adverse social impacts,” Mr Sitthipong said.

But, since there is still some antagonism to legalising games, the government should focus on promoting the intricate as a tourist destination. In the beginning, just foreigners may be allowed to enter the intricate so any effect or income can be assessed initially, he suggested.

The government should gather data on how many Thais play casino games worldwide and how much money they spend that before deciding whether to let Thais play in Thai casinos, he said.

The advanced, according to Mr. Sitthipong, will also include amusement parks, resorts, and restaurants, which will in turn increase tourism. He said that those who do n’t want to enter the casino can visit other attractions in and around the complex.

” It is time for Thailand to legalise games. Neighbouring countries now have games, and many of their customers are Thais, “he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition Move Forward Party ( MFP ) on Friday &nbsp, raised concerns over a report prepared by a special House committee studying the feasibility of opening entertainment- casino complexes.

The House of Representatives on Thursday approved the record.

Rangsiman Rome, an MFP record MP and a member of the House committee, said the study also lacked knowledge regarding measures to handle online gaming, money laundering and dark companies.

” Gambling problems still persist, such as online gambling or gambling dens that are illegally operated in the provinces,” said Mr Rangsiman.

” I do n’t believe that the opening of such a complex will provide a solution to the issues,” he said. No steps have been developed to address these issues. The House of Representatives approved the report despite failing to address the issues, according to Mr. Rangsiman.

He said the MFP has no objection to legalised casinos, but the report was not complete.

Pheu Thai MPs are scheduled to introduce a bill on the project in the upcoming session from July 3 to October 30, according to Kosol Pattama, a Pheu Thai MP for Nakhon Ratchasima.

He added that other party-specific legislation is expected to be introduced to parliament by MPs.

Pol Gen Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit, chairman of the National Anti- Corruption Commission, said he agreed with the plan, but it must be carried out in line with the law.

Julapun Amornvivat, the deputy finance minister, who presided over the House committee that was studying the matter, earlier claimed that the study had shown that such entertainment complexes would have economic advantages.

He claimed that the House committee had also examined similar models in Singapore and the US and discovered no issues had arisen as a result.