Foreigners arrested for drug dealing in Phuket

Foreigners arrested for drug dealing in Phuket

Foreigners arrested for drug dealing in Phuket
The medicine statues are depicted in a flowchart from the Immigration Bureau.

In Phuket, three African people and one Russian man have been detained for allegedly selling the illicit medication methamphetamine, ecstasy, and crystal meth.

Pol Maj Gen Phanthana Nutchanart, assistant captain of the Immigration Bureau, released information to reporters on Wednesday.

He claimed that three of the suspects allegedly coerced into buyers last weekend when they allegedly distributed heroin.

The 38- yr- old Soviet man, identified just as Denis, and two Nigerians- Ogadinma, 41, and Harison, 40- were detained and taken to Karon police station in Phuket for constitutional processing.

Another African, identified as Solomon, 53, was arrested individually for supposedly distributing crystal meth, joy pills and heroin as custody of morphine. He was taken to the Chalong police place where he is currently being investigated.

In April, immigration officers in Phuket provided data that suggested Mr. Denis was illegally running auto rental and cryptocurrency exchange businesses. He furthermore sold heroin to customers for 4, 000 baht per kilogram, according to the police when they posed as clients.

He was afterwards discovered conducting a bite at a tambon Wichit gas station. He had 0.99 grams of heroin taken from the police.

According to allegations, Mr. Denis claimed to have purchased the methamphetamine for 3, 000 ringgit per gram from Mr. Harison and Mr. Ogadinma. The police investigation was expanded, which led to the arrest of the trio in tambon Karon, which is located close to a motel parking lot.

Officers discovered 1.4 milligrams of methamphetamine under the vehicle’s seats of their vehicles.

Mr. Harison and Mr. Ogadinma allegedly obtained the drugs at a house in tambon Chalong where Mr. Solomon, a rumored main medication dealer, was based.

Mr Denis led authorities to the house, where a research uncovered 855 joy pills, 470 small sachets of methamphetamine, 127.8 grammes of glass meth and two banks passbooks.

Police also said that medicine- related assets confiscated&nbsp, from international criminals in Thailand this month included cars and about 900, 000 ringgit in money.

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Pol Maj Gen Phanthana likewise said Phuket immigration officers had worked with Chalong authorities to arrest a female suspect, identified only as Oleksandr, 25, who holds two Swedish and Russian ethnicity, for alleged assault.

A Russian woman, Diera, 23, filed a complaint with police that she had been deceived via a Telegram app into taking 25, 000 baht in cash to a villa in tambon Chalong, where she was to exchange it for cryptocurrency&nbsp,

Mr. Oleksandr allegedly tied up Ms. Diera, put a plastic bag over her head on her head, and forced her to hand over 104, 546 baht to his Russian accomplice when she arrived at the villa. She was released after the extorted money was received by the accomplice, she said.

Another gang suspect has reportedly left the country, according to Pol Maj Gen Phanthana.