Fleeing smugglers ditch 3.2 million speed pills

After a gunfight with police and military in Chiang Rai, smugglers flee.

Fleeing smugglers ditch 3.2 million speed pills
After an exchange of gunfire with surveillance officers in the Muang city of Chiang Rai on Thursday night, one of three pickup trucks with 3.2 million rate pills was discovered with 16 baskets containing 3.2 million rate pills in it. ( Photo supplied/Panumet Tanraksa )

CHIANG RAI- Authorities on Thursday night seized more than 3 million rate pills that had been abandoned by smugglers who were escaping a wooded area along a street near a wooded area in the Muang district of this north province.

At around 6am on Thursday, border police officers and members of the Ha Muang task force’s Thap Chao Tak unique unit spotted three suspected delivery trucks traveling along the Den Ha-Dong Mada road in Tamboon Mae Korn.

The soldiers gave the vehicles a signal to quit, but the people inside the cars started shooting. An exchange of gunfire next erupted.
After a fight that lasted about 10 moments, the armed men abandoned the three pickups and fled into a local forest, said Gen Narit Thawornwong, captain of a substance suppression system.

One of the three cars contained 16 compost baskets, according to a search. Each bucket contained 200, 000 rate supplements, for a full of 3.2 million, said Gen Narit.

Men inspect abandoned pickup vehicles as they flee smugglers. ( Photo supplied/Panumet Tanraksa )