Fisheries chiefs spell out the end for ‘foreign’ tilapia

Fisheries chiefs spell out the end for 'foreign' tilapia
Fisheries chiefs spell out the end for 'foreign' tilapia
On Friday, the Fisheries Department in Samut Sakhon launches fishing boats equipped with qualified fishing nets for catching Blackchin fishes.

Blackchin fish has been eradicated from Thai waters and fishing grounds as part of a battle by the Department of Fisheries.

Blackchin fish are threatening native marine life and tuna fields in some provinces, according to Captain Thamanat Prompow, secretary of agriculture and cooperatives.

The minister gave the division the go-ahead to eliminate them.

Blackchin fish are very dynamic and can survive in water at various heat, according to Department of Fisheries Deputy Director-General Mr. Bancha Sukkaew.

The fish, according to Mr. Bancha, species in the Samut Songkhram, Sanmut Prakan, Phetchaburi, Bangkok, ChanthabURI, Rayong, and Ratchaburi. Chumphon. Surat Thani. Nakhon Si Thammarat.

In order to help manage the Blackchin fish people, the office has released 60, 000 child sea bass into the sea close to Bangkok, Samut Songkhram, SAmut Sakhon, Smut Prakan, and Phetchaburi. This is in addition to encouraging fishermen to find them.

A ban on the trade of Blackchin fish was implemented in 2019.

However, a committee of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand discovered that in 2006, the Department of Fisheries ‘ Institution Biosafety Committee had permitted an enormous food company to buy Blackchin fish from Ghana.