Firefighters tackle massive blaze at Indonesian ammunition store

Firefighters tackle massive blaze at Indonesian ammunition store

A massive fire that broke out on Saturday ( Mar 30 ) at a military ammunition depot outside the capital was being battled by Indonesian firefighters to put an end to it. It resulted in several explosions and the release of flames and smoke into the night sky.

According to military national Mohammad Hasan, who claimed the flames had started in a portion of the hospital where expired ammunition was kept in storage, no one was reported to have died or been hurt in the affair.

” We’ve checked the place, boarders, there are no casualties”, Hasan told a press event near the site in Bogor, on the fringes of Jakarta.

” The expired ammunition contains substances that can be unpredictable,” the statement says. He claimed that there might have been some disputes that could have sparked the conflict.

At 6.30pm, according to an Army standard, officials had started extinguishing the hearth several days after it started. ( 7.30pm, Singapore time ).

According to regional media reports, firefighters and ambulances were first unable to leave the scene.

Orange embers and billowing clouds of smoke were visible in images captured by the local community KompasTV, and loud explosions could be heard from many kilometers away.

Local native Arga Nanda claimed to have heard a siren-shaking blast that had shaken windows and doors. People ran out into the roads thinking it was an quake, he said.

Kristomei said officials were evacuating individuals from nearby towns. Additionally, he cautioned people against touching any materials that might have been accidentally exploded.