Fire at Bangkok’s Chatuchak market kills over 1,000 animals

Fire at Bangkok's Chatuchak market kills over 1,000 animals

BANGKOK: &nbsp, More than 1, 000 wild animals, snakes and animals perished in a sprawling business in Bangkok after a hearth ripped through over a hundred stores in the early days of Tuesday, officials said.

The incident ravaged around 1, 300 sq m of the Chatuchak Weekend Market, killing more than 1, 000 animals, including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, spiders and Siamese fighting bass, Bangkok government Chadchart Sittipunt told reporters.

According to Police Superintendent Phuwadon Ounpho, 118 of the shops were destroyed, and original inspections indicate that the fire was brought on by an electric fault.

On Tuesday, firefighters and rescue personnel scoured through steel shop roofs, mangled cages, blackened walls, and collapsed carcasses. A Reuters see reported that a doctor treated a chicken close to the smoldering wreckage of one row of shops.

” I’m surprise. Suwannee Sangdee, 49, user of a Siamese fighting fish shop, fears that all of her prized fish have been destroyed and that she feels like crying, but there are no grief.

” Then I have to think about what’s future”.

The Chatuchak business is best known for having a large selection of clothing, accessories, and wild animals that draws thousands of visitors each weekend. The industry is a major tourist attraction as well as a well-known buying destination for locals.