Faulty brakes blamed for Indonesia bus crash which killed 11, injured dozens

Faulty brakes blamed for Indonesia bus crash which killed 11, injured dozens

A pedal problem, according to local authorities in Suban, West Java, is responsible for a fatal vehicle crash over the weekend in Java, Indonesia, which left 11 people dead, the majority of them students, and injuring dozens more.

When it crashed at Palasari Village, Ciater, in Subang Regency on Saturday evening ( May 11 ), the bus carrying 57 high school students and teachers back to Bandung and their hometown of Depok crashed.

The vehicle suddenly veered to the appropriate as it climbed a hill and collided with an oncoming bus, according to the authorities. Then, forcing itself to veer fiercely to the left, the car slammed into three motorcycles.

After colliding with a mast by the side of the road, the bus gradually came to a stop.

Numerous police officers have said they believe the vehicle ‘ brakes malfunctioned prior to the collision, despite the fact that the cause of the accident being under investigation.

According to Mr. Aznal, the director general of property transportation’s head of legal matters and public relations, the brakes damage may have caused the accident.

Mr. Aznal, who goes by the name of a number of Indonesians, revealed that the 18-year-old van has a legitimate transportation sanction and its roadworthiness certification has already expired. &nbsp,

Since December 6, 2023, the bus’s vehicle roadworthiness tests (KIR ) certificate has expired, according to Mr. Aznal. &nbsp,

To maintain road safety, public transportation vehicles and cars in Indonesia must undergo a regular KIR test.

The bus drivers was unharmed. Mr Sadira, who likewise goes by one name, even suspects the vehicle ‘ brakes were inaccurate.

According to local media reports, Mr. Sadira claimed that in the middle of heavy traffic, he made an attempt to quit the vehicle just before the collision.

” At the crossroads, there were a lot of comings and goings in the customers. In an interview with Kompas TV, Mr. Sadira claimed that he attempted to stop and apply the brakes, but the products failed, and the weather suddenly disappeared. &nbsp,

When he realized the brake had failed, Mr. Sadira expressed panic. In a desperate attempt to find an exit route, he decided to turn instantly, causing the vehicle to reverse. &nbsp,

” Normally, there would be an escape route, but there was n’t one there. In my mind, if I continued on the highway, some cars would have been hit, resulting in more deaths”, he added.

Mr. Sadira claimed that a locksmith had previously repaired the bus ‘ brakes while it was being stopped at the rest area.

The 50- yr- older drivers constantly apologised to the victims and their families. &nbsp,

No single wanted this to occur, so I sincerely apologize. It’s a tragedy”, he said.