Fake military certificates in crosshairs

Fake military certificates in crosshairs

The Defense Ministry announced yesterday that it will prosecute any military personnel—past and present—who are found to have participated in the sale of Sor Dor 43 credentials.

Following allegations made by Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, a party-list MP for the Move Forward Party ( MFP ) and the chairman of the House committee on military affairs, regarding the sale of fake conscription certificates, Minister Sutin Klungsang made this statement.

According to Mr. Wiroj in a Facebook post, “grade A” fake documents with five established names can fetch up to 50, 000 ringgit per copy.

According to him, 3 billion bass worth of fraudulent copies are sold each year, or about 60 000.

According to Mr. Sutin, studies into these states and the perpetrators are required.

He declared that regardless of when it happened, those found guilty of such problem would face legal and administrative punishment.

According to Mr. Sutin, retired service members who participated in the sale of the false certificates may have their pensions terminated.

He continued by saying that the Territorial Defence Command ( TDC ) has been actively working to address the problem of false certifications, with arrests occurring annually but not being made public.

Mr. Sutin responded that he did not know when asked if the recent controversy surrounding the evasion of military conscription of two MFP MPs, Jirat Thongsuwan and Suphanat Meenchainan, was a part of Information Operation ( IO ).

He did mention that after receiving the problems, the government and related industries have been looking into the two MPs ‘ cases.

The continued investigations were prohibited by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin from using the information uncovered during the investigation to intimidate the criticism.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces does complain to the police about the Sor Dor 43 sales channel next year, according to government official Jirayu Houngsub.