Factory owes workers B20m

Factory owes workers B20m

Labour authorities have ordered an operator of a textile factory in Samut Prakan to speed up paying about 109 workers 19.33 million baht in total, plus 15% interest, in wages the employer had failed to pay them from July 2020 until this April.

The workers are among 115 employees in total who lodged complaints with labour inspectors claiming they were paid only partially by their employer, who refused to lay them off and pay their full severance, Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said yesterday.

Among them were two people who were due to retire and entitled to receive 354,433.33 baht in compensation, he said.

He was responding after the employees rallied outside Samut Prakan’s City Hall and petitioned the provincial governor to accelerate the payment of their unpaid wages.

After the employer’s business was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the firm began cutting staff working days and paying them only partially, said Mr Suchart, citing an investigation by local labour authorities.

Most recently, the textile factory, in Phra Samut Chedi district, was on April 18 forced to cease operations when the electricity supply was cut off because the company failed to pay its bills.

“As a result, these people can no longer work there, but the employer keeps paying them only part of what they are owed,” he said.

“Six more workers filed petitions for help with the labour authorities on May 25 and they are still being processed.”

In case the employer fails to pay the workers the demanded amount by the due date, staff will be able to apply for preliminary financial assistance from the ministry’s employee support fund.