Exploring Loewe’s Crafted World in Shanghai: An immersive experience of luxury and heritage

Exploring Loewe’s Crafted World in Shanghai: An immersive experience of luxury and heritage

This tale extends further in shows like Style Without Limits where wonderful creations from Anderson’s collections take center stage alongside United In Craft, which celebrates handmade help worldwide.

The show of Crafted World is the Sudden Dialogues area, featuring immersive rooms that carry readers into the revolutionary worlds that have inspired Loewe’s collaborations. From replicas of king potter Ken Price’s workshop to beautiful Studio Ghibli dreamscapes, these areas ignite the imagination and enjoy creativity in its purest form.

As guests emerge into a courtyard adorned with Alvaro Leiro’s reinterpretations of traditional Galician raincoats, they are invited to explore a curated gift shop offering exclusive products and books, extending the experience beyond the exhibition halls.

When asked how he would like people to remember Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe, he said:” The biggest thing when I joined Loewe, I wanted to kind of eradicate this idea of a luxury status of a brand and this idea of a cultural brand. I wanted to put the culture at the forefront of the brand rather than it just being about a luxury product. It had to mean something more. Ten years ago when I went out with that mission statement, I did n’t know what I was saying. But now, when I see the exhibition and now when I’ve been in the brand for this period of time, it’s starting to make sense. Without the craft, without the art collaboration or the idea of the]Loewe ] Craft Prize, we would n’t have a brand. And ultimately that has to do with the culture of it. I think this is fundamental. That’s what I would like people to remember.

The&nbsp, Crafted World exhibition is now open till May 5 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre and it is open to the public with free admission.

CNA Luxury was in Shanghai to experience the exhibition at the invitation of Loewe.