Ex-DPM to serve as cabinet aide

Ex-DPM to serve as cabinet aide

In a fresh legitimate dispute, PM selects Wissanu.

Ex-DPM to serve as cabinet aide
Wissanu Krea, original deputy prime minister, is a- ngam.

Wissanu Krea- ngam, a previous deputy prime minister and legitimate expert, will be appointed as an assistant to the Cabinet’s Secretariat to assist with the president’s legal affairs.

Mr. Wissanu confirmed on Tuesday that Srettha Thavisin had name him to fill the position.

He claimed that the secretary had recently contacted him to ask for it after he resigned as deputy prime minister after the Prayut Chan- o gan government’s rule expired last month.

When Mr. Srettha learned of the situation, he informed him that he would nominate him as a secretary director.

” I’ve previously discussed the matter with representatives from the commission’s committee. They promised to update the documents and working program. They said they would ask me to be an director”, Mr Wissanu said.

He continued, adding that he is not required to report a declaration of assets and liabilities to the National Anti-Corruption Commission ( NACC ) like other political office holders, which is not a political office without a salary.

” The new article is unique from an assistant to the perfect minister”, he added.

Mr. Wissanu resisted stating that he would not get any political business as a result of his being asked if this would allow him to once again assume the position of deputy prime minister under the Pheu Thai-led authorities.

He added that he and Mr. Srettha met for discussions on a variety of subjects next Saturday.

They included the prime minister’s new travels to France and Italy, as well as the complaint filed by 40 lawmakers opposing the prime minister’s session of Pichit Chuenban as business secretary.

Additionally, Mr. Wissanu denied that Mr. Srettha may assist him in helping him fight the case in court.

Despite the fact that his eligibility was in dispute, the Constitutional Court next Thursday accepted a petition asking for Mr. Srettha’s impeachment over the visit of Pichit.

The courts ordered Mr. Srettha to provide an argument within 15 weeks. However, the jury decided not to dismiss him as PM pending its decision.

Previously, the 40 caretaker senators had asked the Constitutional Court if Mr Srettha and Pichit should be removed from office under Section 170 ( 4 ) and ( 5 ) of the charter, which deals with the ethics of cabinet ministers.

After the 2014 revolution, Mr Wissanu was appointed as deputy prime minister in charge of constitutional politics under the previous administration.

He even served as deputy prime minister under Thaksin Shinawatra between 2002 and 2006 and as the commission’s minister from 1993 to 2002.

Mr Srettha said on Tuesday a prime minister’s attempt for Mr Wissanu’s interview was being drawn upward. ” I presently met him for deals on the problem”, he said.

When asked if the hiring of Mr. Wissanu implies that there are n’t enough legal experts in the administration, Mr. Srettha responded that the government believes it is necessary to find more competent individuals to support its work so that it can better serve the public.

Anutin Charnvirakul, the deputy prime minister and internal minister, welcomed Mr. Wissanu’s interview, stating that the government will benefit greatly from his experience in legal matters.

MP Parit Wacharasindhu, a member of the Move Forward Party ( MPF), claimed on Tuesday that the Pheu Thai-led government had no other choice and needed to approach the former government to ask for their assistance.

Mr. Parit, who presides the House committee on social development, bulk conversation, and public participation, said it was questionable whether the real motivation for appointing Mr. Wissanu was to assist Mr. Srettha in the court case or whether it was just to support the government’s work as the prime minister claimed.