Ex-banker charged with faking car-lease contracts

Ex-banker charged with faking car-lease contracts

Police claim that the suspect and a companion co-operated with a used car camp owner to get income.

Ex-banker charged with faking car-lease contracts
Theephat Liangwatthanatham, 43, a former bank personnel wanted for falsifying loans and leases, uses his cell phone after being detained on Tuesday in front of a pleasure business in the Muang city of Phitsanulok. ( Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham )

In Muang city of Phitsanulok state, police have detained a former senior banker who is accused of obtaining commission fees by falsifying mortgage and auto leasing agreements.

Theephat Liangwatthanatham, 43, was apprehended in front of a pleasure business in tambon Tha Pho on Tuesday, said Pol Col Sanuwong Khongkha- in, director of sub- section 4 of the Anti- Fraud Police Division (ACPD).

On an arrest warrant for misconduct causing harm to an organization or a state agency issued by the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct situations on November 28, 2013, Mr. Theephat was wanted.

The suspect used to work in the licensing division of a well-known lender, which was unnamed, according to authorities. They claim that he and a companion who ran a used car camp conspired to falsify leases and agreements for autos.

The lender is accused of violating the terms of his friend’s firm’s auto leasing agreements to use them to make commissions. Additionally, according to investigators, he allegedly cheated on customers ‘ money for his own use.

Mr. Theephat reportedly acknowledged during questioning that he had discovered that there were legal flaws he could exploit after working as a loan officer for a business bank for ten years.

When he left his job and started working for a position business institution, he had sports and betting debts, and his family was in desperate need of money as well. He began to elude government documents in order to defraud the lender and give off gambling debts. He was eventually fired from the bank and imprisoned for three decades.

He even never paid back credit cards he borrowed from friends. He later changed his name and fled.

According to the believe, the crimes listed in the arrest warrant occurred in 2013. According to police, he said he believed the bank’s costs were greater than one million baht.

He was turned over to the Central Criminal Court for bribery and misconduct instances by the arresting group.