Ex-badminton star held for duping, robbing woman

Ex-badminton star held for duping, robbing woman

Suspect claims that after his academic and professional failures, he turned to fraud.

Ex-badminton star held for duping, robbing woman
According to police, former national basketball star Supakit” Golf Flintstone” Jandara tricked a woman electronically before robbing her of some of her possessions. ( Facebook page for Supakit Jandara )

A former national basketball champion who played in the top three has been detained for stealing a bicycle and an ipads from the woman he met on the dating app.

On Saturday night, Supakit Jandara, 27, was detained in an internet cafe in Bangkok’s Din Daeng city. He was wanted on a burglary warrant that was issued on Tuesday in Buri Ram, the neighborhood where his prey resided.

The former athlete, also known as” Golf Flintstone,” is charged with participating in an online romance con and abusing his relationship with the woman to steal her personal items.

Police claimed Mr. Supakit admitted to the crime, telling them he had turned to robbery after failing to graduate from college and therefore witnessing the failure of his having products company. He had been a promising young basketball player who had placed fourth nationally and had received an athletic scholarship to attend college.

According to the suspect, he traveled to Buri Ram in December to join his victim after meeting her in November through a dating app.

According to police, he stole the person’s iphones on December 23 and sold it for 8,000 baht. A few days after, he sold her GPX motorcycle for 10,000 baht and fled with it.

He fled to Bangkok after learning that she had reported him, using the cash he had been given to overspend while residing in an online cafe.

Two additional cautions against Mr. Supakit were discovered on the Blacklistseller site, according to the police.