Envoy issues peace talks plea

Envoy issues peace talks plea

Envoy issues peace talks plea
Mongkol: Asean plan not enough

Thailand has called on all stakeholders to help take part in restoring peace in Myanmar through talks as soon as possible.

On the sidelines of the annual meeting involving 97 of the country’s top overseas envoys at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, Thailand’s ambassador to Myanmar, Mongkol Visitstump, gave an update on current peace efforts. Fighting between junta forces and ethnic armed groups in Myanmar has raged since the military seized power in February 2021.

“It is necessary to restore peace in Myanmar through peace talks as soon as possible to help Myanmar and its people, which will also help prevent further problems that might spill into Thailand and other countries,” Mr Mongkol said.

When asked about how Thailand is responding to fighting along the Thai-Myanmar border, apart from humanitarian assistance given to affected people, he said the government has tried to help resolve the crisis through the five-point consensus agreed upon by Asean members.

It calls for the immediate cessation of violence, constructive dialogue among all parties to seek a peaceful solution, and mediation to be facilitated by an envoy of the Asean chair, with the assistance of the secretary-general.

The consensus also calls for humanitarian assistance provided by the Asean Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management and for the special envoy and delegation to Myanmar to meet all parties concerned.

He admitted this was not enough, adding there must be other mechanisms to respond to such a crisis.

“As you know, we support the exchange of ideas through meetings, including informal dialogue.

“It is better than doing nothing. Otherwise, we will miss an opportunity because the very first issue is how to stop the fighting and deliver humanitarian assistance,” he said.