Energy Market Authority to get new chief executive

Energy Market Authority to get new chief executive

SINGAPORE: The Energy Market Authority ( EMA ) will see a leadership change with Mr Puah Kok Keong taking over from Mr Ngiam Shih Chun as chief executive, the&nbsp, Ministry of Trade and Industry ( MTI ) announced on Monday ( May 27 ).

From Jul 8, Mr Puah, currently the deputy secretary ( policy ) &nbsp, of the Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA ), will swap roles with Mr Ngiam, who will go the other way to take up the post at MHA.

Mr Puah has been the deputy secretary ( policy ) at MHA since August 2016. He oversees policy, planning, global cooperation, research and data, legal, and internal service.

During his day at MHA, he oversaw&nbsp, policy and legislative reviews in various areas including murder, drugs, treatment, legal military, immigration and enrollment, and racial and religious harmony.

He also oversaw the revision of Singapore’s playing laws, which culminated in the reorganization of many gambling laws under the fresh Gambling Control Act and the reorganization of the game regulatory power as the gaming regulatory authority.

Mr Puah led the development and deployment of the programs for the Home Team Transformation, which enhanced the Home Team’s features.

He even drove MHA’s global outreach efforts and alliances. His work on this front has led to&nbsp, Singapore securing its enrollment &nbsp, on the United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs, among some results.

Mr Puah also helped lead a review resulting in the&nbsp, rebranding of the&nbsp, Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE ) to Yellow Ribbon Singapore ( YRSG).

He has experience in the electricity business, having&nbsp, been in the MTI’s Energy Division from 2006 to 2008.


On February 1, 2018, Mr. Ngiam appointed the CEO of EMA.

Under his leadership, the EMA took important steps in the&nbsp, power transition of Singapore’s power sector, &nbsp, harnessing the “four switches” of solar, local power grids, reduced- carbon alternatives and natural gas. &nbsp,

These included the granting of Conditional Approvals for 4.2 GW of complete low-carbon energy imports from the area and the launch of the country’s earliest energy imports under the Lao PDR- Thailand- Malaysia- Singapore Power Integration Project.

Additionally, Mr. Ngiam oversaw the launch of the National Hydrogen Strategy, which included a pioneering effort to create a low- or zero-carbon ammonia solution for power generation and bunkering on Jurong Island.