Emblem parade causes a stir

Emblem parade causes a stir

A festival featuring Chulalongkorn University’s sign, the Phra Kieo wreath, on March 31 during the CU- TU Unity Football Match 2024 has triggered a terrible clash of public view.

The Thammasat University Student Union ( TUSU) and the Chulalongkorn University Student Government (SGCU) worked together to strengthen their ties, and the event, which took place for the first time last Sunday.

The new occasion also resembled the two colleges ‘ annual Traditional Football Match, which has been taking place since 1934.

The Suphachalasai National Stadium’s long-established game is typically held in January and February, but this year’s postponement resulted from a scheduling conflict.

The seven-decade-long event, which generally depicts the world’s current affairs and mocks politics, has been well known for its parades and cards stunts, aside from the football game.

A parade of the Phra Kieo brooch on a chariot carried by about 50 students is part of the opening rally.

Coronets were worn by Thai princes and princesses in the past, and King Rama VI named Chulalongkorn University in honor of King Rama V, the school’s leader.

The Phra Kieo brooch was carried on a golfing vehicle during the CU- TU Unity Football Match, which was broadcast on Sunday on cultural advertising. That caused the backlash on social media due to individuals ‘ allegedly disrespectful behavior toward the revered sign.

Some people have publicly detested this behavior.

Among them was Nantiwat Samart, past secretary- common to the foreign affairs minister. He claimed that the Phra Kieo is a aristocratic item that must be adorned on a chariot. Politicians or liberalism are not the topics here. Students may pay regard to the image and the satisfaction of the university”, he said.

The kids ‘ motion was backed by Puangthong Pawakapan, a teacher from Chulalongkorn’s University of Political Science.

She noted that the Phra Kieo was mounted on an electric vehicle that also featured a number of items, each displaying a subject in the area of the brooch, each one representing a particular scientific discipline.

This implied figuratively that the school had evolved to adapt to the changing times.

According to her, it also meant that the school would continue to advance more robustly in line with its goal.

Ms. Puangthong even urged liberals to be open to new ideas that the younger generation has suggested.

During the first CU-TU Unity Football Match on Sunday, the Phra Kieo wreath is carried on a golf vehicle. Instagram section of Chula Baaka