Electric Bangkok boat taxis to launch in July

Electric Bangkok boat taxis to launch in July

Electric Bangkok boat taxis to launch in July
In August of last year, suburban boats traveled along Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration ( BMA ) is scheduled to launch an on-demand electric boat taxi service in July, which Krung Thep Thanakom Co (KT), the BMA’s business arm, announced on Sunday. The BMA looks set to launch the city’s wide expansion of its app-based motorcycle taxi-hailing service.

The ship taxi services, which is designed to connect with Bangkok’s electric rail techniques, public bus services and car bicycle services, aims primarily to support the state’s tourism development.

KT’s handling director, Tharatporn Techakitkachorn, said its aircraft phase will commence operating in Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem and some of its spreading rivers, including Khlong Bang Lamphu, next month.

According to Mr Tharatporn, when the city- broad service is completely implemented, the energy boat taxi will be available on several key canals in the city, like as Khlong Lat Phrao.

He claimed that once an on-demand ship taxi is rented using an software created specifically for this purpose, passengers will then be able to hail it, and the cost will be determined based on the distance traveled.

According to Mr. Tharatporn, KT is currently negotiating with electronic boat manufacturers regarding the boat’s styles and prices. Two design canoes are currently being used for the prosecution service in July.

He mentioned the BMA’s motorbike taxi game, which is currently being tested in four regions of Bangkok, and that about 5, 000 registered car motorcycles and 90, 000 riders who are each licensed to ride on the hailing system are expected to be connected to it when the city-wide procedure begins in July.

He claimed that therefore, with just a few presses on their smartphones, users will be able to storm a rave.

Now, most motorcycle car services are available only on some application- based shipping service platforms.

He stated that the BMA’s calling software will be focused on providing motorcycle taxi services, which will cover the majority of Bangkok. He added that KT did very regulate riding charges.