Driver killed as car bursts into flames

Driver killed as car bursts into flames

Testimony claim the car was moving at the time of the incident.

Driver killed as car bursts into flames
A vehicle burst into flames after hitting a street gate on Phatthanakan Road in Suan Luang area, Bangkok, early on Saturday. ( Photo: FM91 Trafficpro )

In Bangkok’s Suan Luang city, a vehicle allegedly from another country was killed when his car allegedly hit a road divider and started to burn.

After being called at 5:30am by a report from Rama 199 Radio Centre, the incident occurred at the gate to Soi Phatthanakan 53/1 on Phatthanakan Road, according to the authorities.

A Toyota Vios with Samut Prakan license plates was discovered upside down in flames by rescuers and firefighters who were on the field.

It took the fireplace to be extinguished by the firefighters for about 10 minutes. The vehicle was found dead, with his brain trapped inside the car. To start the shipwreck and get the body, rescue workers used tools.

The driver’s entire body was burned, causing extensive fires. A picture of a man who looked like a Middle Eastern regional was visible in papers found outside the vehicle. Some international currencies were likewise found near the scene, said authorities.

Witnesses claimed they witnessed the vehicles speeding through a palm tree and the right-hand lane before it struck the path divider. The influence caused the coupe to reverse. A bystander attempted to save the comatose drivers, but failed. The car reportedly caught flames.

Authorities were investigating.