Disabled cyclist on 400km trip to restore lost welfare benefit

Disabled cyclist on 400km trip to restore lost welfare benefit
Disabled cyclist on 400km trip to restore lost welfare benefit
On Sunday nights, Monthon Phetsang, a 48-year-old Sukhothai native in the province of Ang Thong, was traveling to Bangkok. ( TV Channel 3 Screenshot )

A 48-year-old disabled person has traveled 400 kilometers to Bangkok on a bike with his hands in order to regain his lost illness allowance.

Monthon Phetsang, a resident of tambon Mae Sam in the Sri Satchanalai area of the state of Sukhotha, told authorities in Ang Thong that he started riding his hand-powered motorcycle about three weeks ago.

He was making his way to the Comptrollers Department in the nation’s capital with the goal of establishing his eligibility as a disabled person for the 800 ringgit per month happiness benefit.

According to Mr. Monthon, he only recently learned that his disability allowance had n’t been deposited into his bank account since 2020. Additionally, he lacked an ID cards and additional identification documents to prove his identity. In a storm, they had been lost.

He was advised by authorities in Sukhothai to go to the Comptroller-General’s Department in Bangkok so that he could prove his disability and receive his quarterly allowance back. &nbsp,

On Sunday nights, Ang Thong authorities discovered him on Highway 32 and took him to the local Chai Yo police place for his own protection. He snuck out of the station overnight and continued traveling because he would n’t be deterred.

On Monday night, he was seen in Ayutthaya’s Bang Pahan region once more and taken to the provincial economic office.

Since falling from the fifth floor of a tower in 2014, Mr. Monthon has been unable to move. Making goods out of coconut shell is how he makes a life. &nbsp,

Varawut Silpa-archa, the secretary of social development and human security, announced on Monday that Mr. Monthon had left Sukhothai more than two years prior and had been taken off the listing of residents with disabilities.

People with disabilities, according to the secretary, can contact the ministry’s hotline at 1300 to ask about their monthly income. They were never required to go to Bangkok.

According to Mr. Varawut, the Department of Empowerment of People with Disabilities had set up support for Monsieur Monthon.