Dept touts IUDs to tackle teen pregnancy

Dept touts IUDs to tackle teen pregnancy

Contraception rights important to success

The Department of Health is involved over unwanted pregnancies in adolescents and has emphasised the importance of birth control to avoid the problem.

Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, director-general of the division, said staff possess collaborated with the National Health Security Workplace (NHSO) to draw up an unwanted-pregnancy avoidance plan to protect the particular rights of teens to access semi-permanent contraceptive.

He said Thai women aged under 20 in the postpartum period, who have a losing the unborn baby or simply need birth control, can receive a good intra-uterine device plus contraceptive implant on health clinics beneath the NHSO network nationwide.

Based on a study of the 7th health region within Khon Kaen, the standard age of teenage pregnancy is 18, plus ranged from 16-19 years of age.

A few 74% were married and most are learning in junior higher schools. Some 45% have been unemployed plus 50% have friends who experienced teen pregnancy. Some 87% have been found having two adolescent pregnancy. The teens have a history of not using birth control (59%) taking contraceptive pills (51%) or using inconsistent birth control (53%).

Dr Suwannachai said the birth control method implant is highly efficient, can last 3-5 many years, and women who take it can be fertile again immediately after getting rid of it.

The implant produces a hormone in order to hinder ovulation plus thickens mucus within the cervix to prevent sperm from achieving the egg. The possibility of women who utilize the implant getting pregnant will be 1: 2, 1000, so the implant is highly protective against fertilisation.