Dept goes on defensive over statues

Dept goes on defensive over statues

The Fine Arts Department monday defended itself after facing criticism from the government for the repair of 500-year-old giant sculptures at a Chiang Mai church.

The Fine Arts Department, which later received criticism for doing a bad job, renovated the centuries-old sculpture of a giant before and after it was displayed in the pictures. Photos By Fine Arts Department

The reconstruction of the two-metre-tall clay carvings at Wat Umong in tambon Suthep of Chiang Mai’s Muang city was carried out according to specifications, according to Phanombut Chantarachot, director-general of the office, and preserved their unique characteristics as much as possible.

In order to reestablish the sculptures, Mr. Phanombut claimed that the 7th Regional Office of Fine Arts in Chiang Mai had chosen to recreate the missing parts, such as the arms, rather than simply cleaning and strengthening them because Wat Umong is still available and is frequented by both visitors and Buddhists.

His answer comes in response to images that the media has circulated that show the restored sculptures totally different from their originals. The instructors of fine art at Chiang Mai University received complaints about the careless restoration of the sculptures as a result of the reaction.

The Fine Arts Department was informed of the carvings ‘ weak position by Chiang Mai government, Nirat Phongsitthithawon, during a visit to the church in April of last year when he saw them.