Democrats defer electing new party leader

Democrats defer electing new party leader

The Democrat Party has deferred electing its new leader and board members until after the Election Commission (EC) finishes certifying the party’s 24 elected MPs, said acting party spokesman Ramet Rattanachaweng yesterday.

The selection of the party’s new leader to replace Jurin Laksanawisit will be organised after the EC certifies the party’s MPs — which shouldn’t be later than July 13, he said.

Mr Jurin announced he was stepping down following the unofficial results of the May 14 election, in which the country’s oldest running party won fewer-than-expected House seats. At yesterday’s meeting of the party’s caretaker board, the board was notified of Mr Jurin’s resignation as party leader.

In the new party leader election, the party has resolved to skip the standard process of sounding out the popularity of each nominated candidate before voting to select the winner, to avoid creating conflicts inside the party, said Mr Ramet.

The new board of the party will also be selected on the same day of the selection of the party’s new leader, he said, adding that since up to 70% of the board will be the party’s 24 MPs, the party had better wait until the EC has certified them.

The rest of the party’s board will include former party leaders and cabinet ministers, he said.

As for who the party will support to become Thailand’s next PM, the party has yet to decide.

It was also reported at yesterday’s meeting that over 89,000 Thais have applied for party membership.