Delhi hospital where newborn babies died had no licence

Delhi hospital where newborn babies died had no licence

According to authorities, a doctor in the Indian capital Delhi was operating without a valid license when seven children perished in a blaze.

The fire occurred on Saturday, leading to the arrests of the hospital owner and the doctor on duty.

Additionally, according to an investigation, the doctor did not have blaze canisters or an emergency exit.

The tragedy took place hours after a fire broke out in a gaming arcade in Gujarat state’s Rajkot city, killing 27 people.

In India, residential and commercial fires frequently break out in homes and businesses as a result of a weak protection of safety standards.

Saturday’s drama, where a flame engulfed the doctor in Delhi’s Vivek Vihar village, has horrified and angered folks.

Police commissioner Shahdara Surendra Chaudhary told ANI news agency that the hospital’s NOC (No Objection Certificate) had expired on 31 March.

A fire NOC – which certifies that a building meets fire safety standards – is required for hospital buildings that have a height of more than 15m (49ft).

Mr. Chaudhary added that the doctor had installed 10 rooms, compared to the previous five that were permitted.

At the time of the fireplace, 12 newborn children were at the doctor. Five of them are currently receiving care at a different clinics.

In connection with the fire, police have detained the hospital’s director, Dr. Naveen Kichi, and a doctor named Akash ( the police both had one name ). They have been accused of murdering someone.

Dr Akash, who was on duty at the time of the affair, was not qualified to handle newborn children in need of extensive treatment, police said.

A judicial examination has been mandated by the Delhi government.

On social media, spectacular images of the tower being engulfed in flames were visible on Saturday.

The producer of Delhi’s fire office, Atul Garg, told the Press Trust of India media agency that the blaze had spread due to a fire in an air cylinder.

According to media reports, the authorities are also looking into whether the hospital used an illegal gas piston filling racket after locals reported suspicious activity.

Additionally, according to officials, restricted access to the tower, which has a second stairway and no fire escape, prevented rescue efforts from being slowed down.

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the horror was “heartbreaking”.

” Anyone who is accountable for this carelessness will not be spared,” said Mr. Kejriwal,” the causes of the event are being investigated.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described it as “heart- rending”. He has announced an ex gratia of 200, 000 rupees ($ 2407, £1889 ) to the family members of each of the deceased and 50, 000 rupees each to those injured.