Deep Dive Podcast: When flights run into trouble, how much money should you get?

Here’s an extract of the talk:

Steven Chia:

We have to ask you, is there a problem that this may also result in higher tickets for all of us, because carriers are finally going to say, well, I got to get more plan, I got to get more security. I’m going to issue in more chance. Does this eventually swell to the seat pricing we see? &nbsp,

Chooi Jing Yen: &nbsp,

Yes, it’s going to be very obvious if it is really the case that we will experience more instances of unexpected turbulence affecting plane. You are aware that flights will be held responsible for a specific sum if you examine the Montreal Convention. If we are going to see more of these incidents, then I do n’t see costs not rising for passengers.

Crispina Robert:

Especially when it comes to turmoil, correct? Because reports are saying that climate change is something airlines ca n’t control, right? airplane crashing into a bag of air. &nbsp,

Paul Ng: &nbsp,

Everyone had their cars on when I flew to New York on Singapore Airlines during any turmoil. The attendants were seated, no food or drink. So choose an airline that has a great security history… Firstly, I think you do need to purchase insurance. And to reiterate the point about ticket costs rising, it will rise because of the increase in healthcare costs. Because you cannot fly an airplane without third-party liability coverage, then insurers must cover the carriers for the costs of compensating the people for their injuries, deaths, or damages. Insurance will increase, which means prices will increase. &nbsp,