Decision to take ‘vacation’ cost fugitive his freedom

Decision to take ‘vacation’ cost fugitive his freedom

According to sources, the events that led to the capture of” Sia Paeng Nanod” on Bali

Decision to take ‘vacation’ cost fugitive his freedom
In proceedings, criminal Chaowalit” Sia Paeng Nanod” Thongduang was found guilty of attempted murder and likely face a murder cost when he is brought up to Thailand. ( Photo Supplied )

After escaping while being taken to a doctor in Nakhon Si Thammarat for medical care, Chaowalit Thongduang, alias” Sia Paeng Nanod,” has eventually been found by police in a shelter in Indonesia.

The notorious criminal was detained on Thursday night in Bali while on vacation it. She has been found guilty of attempted death. When flying to the beach island, he had a false Indonesian ID card.

Chaowalit might have been entirely invisible to Indian police, and he might have enjoyed his independence a little more if he had not resumed drug dealing while hiding in Indonesia.

In Medan in the middle of May, Chaowalit allegedly sealed a$ 2 million drug deal with a nearby drug gang during an investigation. The customer owed him 2 million ringgit and had given up a representative, who was only identified as Chawala, as collateral so that the crew could hold him prisoner until the debt was paid off.

The Indonesian prisoner was taken into custody along with two Thai speakers in a home in the tambon Tha Khae city of Narathiwat. When the three arrived in the southwestern province, a female police agent, who is associated with Provincial Police Region 9, drove them to the safe home and picked them up when they arrived.

In a staged video he sent to his younger sister in Indonesia several days later, Mr. Chawala fabricated a version of events that showed him being kidnapped for ransom and tortured in a few days after that, while the Indonesian gang was unable to locate the$ 2 million bailiff. He had hoped that she would consent to spend Chaowalit the alleged 2 million baht payment.

The girl, however, accidentally transferred just 800,000 ringgit to Chaowalit and informed Indonesian authorities that her brother was being tortured and held hostage in Thailand. Additionally, she gave the police the address of the healthy home.

The Indonesian authorities safely rescued Mr. Chawala on May 14 by cooperating with their Thai peers through the Indonesian ambassador in Thailand. The Thai officers were able to discover that the wife’s nephew, who had been searching for him since he fled, belonged to them.

The Thai and Indonesian government then learned that Chaowalit was involved in the international drug deal, which helped them eventually find him locations in Medan. The criminal had already left for Bali for a vacation by the time the Indian police arrived to find him in Medan.

Meanwhile, authorities in Thailand were alerted last month when a person who is alleged to be having an extramarital affair with Chaowalit made regular trips to Medan and a police team was sent there on May 20.

The woman in question was followed by Thai authorities to a residence in Medan. They were later met by an Indian security guard who confirmed that the girl had been there but had left after having a disagreement with Chaowalit, who allegedly had traveled to Bali, with another woman who is native of Indonesia.

According to legend, the Thai lady and Chaowalit had a heated argument after Chaowalit discovered Chaowalit’s marriage. However, she was n’t the person who had accompanied Chaowalit as previously thought. After breaking up with Chaowalit, who traveled to Bali with a new person, on May 22, she broke up with her in a hospital where she was being treated.

In Thailand, Pol Sen Sgt Maj Phloenphit Chanthet, the female official attached to Provincial Police Region 9, who was recently named by Chaowalit’s connect as an friend in the false ransom, was arrested in Surat Thani.

However, the abduction of Chaowalit may occur in the next day or two after his record on Thursday, said the Royal Thai Police.

The Indonesian authorities are coordinating with the power, according to PolGen Kitrat Phanphet, the acting acting federal police chief, with Interpol facilitating the exchange.