Death toll from floods in Indonesia’s West Sumatra rises to over 50

Death toll from floods in Indonesia's West Sumatra rises to over 50

Ilham said 249 homes, 225 hectares of land, including wheat areas, and most of major roads in the three regions were damaged. Since Sunday, the storms have subsided.

” Besides searching for the missing people, we will focus to clear the major roads from the dirt, logs, large stones brought by the storms onto highways and towns”, Ilham said.

As of Tuesday, 3, 396 individuals have been evacuated to local houses, the head of national crisis and management company BNPB, Suharyanto, said in a speech.

BNPB has distributed houses, pillows, meals, hygiene products, portable toilet, and water filters, said Suharyanto, who uses a single label, like many Indonesians.

However, the transmission has been impeded as most streets were covered by mud and debris, he said.

Large floods in West Sumatra state are also expected until next week, said Dwikorita Karnawati, the mind of Indonesia’s weather bureau, BMKG.

This means we need to be on top of the possible flash floods and landslides, at least until May 17 and 22, she said.

Additionally, BMKG cautioned against approaching hills that are prone to mudslides.

Roza Yolanda, 23, was relaxing at her home when the large rain fell over the weekend. After a power outage, ocean quickly pour into her home.

” I was dragged out of my home by the storms into the streets, around 200m”, Roza said. ” My throat was struck down by reports, I hit windows, windows”.

Before being saved, she was floating for about 15 hours. Rosa, who bruised her whole figure, claimed her family is safe but that her father is still missing.