Dance videos of Modi, rival turn up AI heat in India election

Dance videos of Modi, rival turn up AI heat in India election

Deepfakes and artificial intelligence are increasingly being used in votes around the world, including in the United States, Pakistan, and Indonesia. The most recent video distribution in India highlights the difficulties faced by government.

An American IT department screen has been in place for years to restrict access to content that it believes could impair the public at its own volition or after receiving complaints. The surveys guardian and police across the country have deployed lots of officials to spot and remove dangerous content during this vote.

While Modi’s response to his Artificial dancing video-” I likewise enjoyed seeing myself dancing”- was gentle hearted, the Kolkata city police in West Bengal state launched an investigation against X user, SoldierSaffron7, for sharing the Banerjee video.

Dulal Saha Roy, a cybercrime officer from Kolkata, posted a typed observe on X that asked users to” clear the video” or “be answerable for tight punitive action.”

” I am no deleting that, no matter what happens”, the consumer told Reuters via X direct communication, declining to reveal their variety or real name as they feared authorities activity. ” They ca n’t trace ( me )”.

Election officials told Reuters that they can simply request social media platforms to reduce content and are left scrambling if the websites claim the content do n’t violate domestic rules.


The Modi and Banerjee dance video, with 30 million and 1.1 million views both on X, were created using a completely site, Viggle. The website allows a photo and a few simple prompts that are included in a video to create videos that show the person in the photo dancing or performing other real-life moves in a few minutes.

Viggle inc- leader Hang Chu and Banerjee’s company did not respond to Reuters questions.

One more 25-second Viggle video, which is spreading website, shows Banerjee posing with a distant in front of a burning clinic in front of it. It is an Iot- changed picture of a picture from the 2008 film, The Dark Knight, that shows Batman’s rival, Joker, wreaking havoc.

The movie post has 420, 000 opinions.

According to an email message sent by X to the person that Reuters reviewed, the West Bengal authorities believe it is breaking American IT laws, but X has never taken any action because it” firmly believes in defending and respecting the words of our users.”

” They ca n’t do anything to me. I did n’t take that ( notice ) seriously”, the user told Reuters via X direct messaging.