Covid-19 still causing family, learning problems for youth

Covid-19 still causing family, learning problems for youth
Banners condemning violence against children are displayed by young people on the skywalk in Siam Square. ( File image: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul )

Four big issues have been identified in advance of National Youth Day this Wednesday by a nationwide survey conducted by the technical center of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, which surveyed about 20,000 youths between the ages of 15 and 21.

Covid-19 has continued to have a negative impact on young people from single-parent families with lower incomes and skipped technology families in remote areas where grandparents raise children without parents, according to Nathaya Boonpakdee, chairman of ThaiHealth’s children, children, and family wellbeing promotion office.

She claimed that no precise steps had been taken to improve the standard of living for young folks in this group.

The next issue was that because they had to research online during the three decades of the Covid – 19 pandemic, young people of all levels had significantly less teaching ability in areas of reading, maths, science, and social studies. From the lower to middle tertiary education levels, some of them had studied electronically.

Third, the mental health issues that young people experience as a result of virtual learning. Many of them had depression and stress, and they had little access to medical care.

Lastly, a lot of kids had experienced violence, including sexual abuse. In their houses, violence was a problem for about 46 % of young people. Thailand was also ranked 29th out of 30 nations in a survey of how affected children are online.

Only about 30 % of young women’s people, according to Ms. Nathaya, had favorable living problems, while the remaining people were regarded as vulnerable. This presented a problem to initiatives to advance the wellbeing of Thai children.