Court accepts petition on rules

Court accepts petition on rules

Court accepts petition on rules

Candidates for Senate election petitions asking the Constitutional Court to decide whether four contentious sections of the poll’s natural laws are in violation of the charter were accepted for consideration yesterday.

However, the jury did not issue any order, finding it did not foresee any significant ramifications from the Senate surveys moving. The court added that the Election Commission (EC ), which oversees the election, has the authority to intervene to fix any issues.

At the centre of the controversy are Sections 36, 40 ( 3 ), 41 ( 3 ) and 42 ( 3 ) of the Senate election law. While the three others cope with voting at the area, municipal, and regional levels, both in the same team and across expert groups, in Section 36, the candidates must self-introduce themselves.

The jury voted 8: 1 to take for a decision whether the provisions violate Section 107 of the contract, which specifies the Senate choice method. State authorities were also given the order to send their thoughts to the courtroom within five days of receipt of the purchase.

Prior to Sunday’s district-level vote, the court made the decision to hear the case.

Additionally, there were allegations of cooperation with the results, with caretaker Senator Somchai Swangkarn claiming that 149 candidates had already been chosen as winners at the area and provincial levels prior to the vote.

Prior to the district-level elections, another caregiver senator, Direkrit Janekrongtham, monday urged the EC to look into allegations of cooperation.

He claimed that the three-level elections will be closely related, and that if unfit individuals were allowed in, the whole procedure and the outcome may be questioned.

Another caretaker senator, Wanchai Sornsiri, issued a warning to the people yesterday about a social movement attempting to take control of the country.

He wrote about the movement’s plans to stifle the Senate election approach, overthrow the government, and dissolve the principal opposition’s Move Forward Party on Facebook.

He claimed that the action wanted to create more unrest so that more bargaining power could be gained. Things may return to normal if the government were to be ou, he said, and this could also lead to conditions for a revolution.

The EC announced monday the locations of the three-level Senate elections, with the election’s location in Nonthaburi’s Impact Muang Thong Thani on June 26.